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DCM Consulting LLC is a veteran owned leadership and training company.

With over 31 years of extraordinary Military experience, 26 of those years in JSOC. DCM provides Leadership, and Training to Military, First Responders, Corporations and Civilians alike. Having come from a long history of military service, DCM Consulting has a passionate commitment to share the lessons learned from leading, training and engaging in combat operations all across the globe.

Coaching, Teaching and Mentorship are the corner stones of our programs. Every aspect of our services are deeply rooted in military doctrine, special operations, tactics, and lessons learned form the crucible of combat.       

DCM Consulting LLC is committed to sharing mission essential lessons on Leadership and Training to its clients both CONUS and OCONUS.

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Eyes on Testimonials

Sheriff, it was an honor to train with Dutch and get to know him. His training methodology was simple and easy to digest, just not easy to perform. Dutch was very professional and approachable if there were any questions. Dutch has 31 years of experience, most of this experience was earned while in the Army's Tier 1 unit and at war where he conducted over 1000 combat operations during his service. Dutch was very motivating and brought with him leadership and attention to detail qualities that was valued by experienced and new operators led to our concepts but believed in 100 % of what he was teaching. He preached fundamentals and accountability to the team on and off duty. Dutch and I already began planning for a three-day training cycle next year and look forward to hosting more training by DCM Consulting.

Lt. Chris Vigil

I recently contracted DCM Consulting Actual for tactical skill improvement and leadership development instruction. I provided a general description of pistol, rifle, CQB and leadership training needs.  I was impressed with the highly customized training I received. I was grateful for Dutch Moyer’s insight during the diagnostic process. He quickly identified problem areas and provided corrective measures that made a significant difference in accuracy and consistency.  He utilized dynamic training drills that reinforced multiple concepts simultaneously. Dutch is an amazing instructor who is passionate about helping law enforcement and military personnel prepare to face modern challenges, tactically and intellectually. He thoroughly explains the “Why” behind tactical and leadership concepts, encouraging intelligent thought and responsive actions. He did a great job translating his extensive knowledge and experience into applicable examples that made it easy to understand and learn from. I highly recommend training with DCM Consulting Actual to anyone interested in learning from an instructor with real life experience who will give you the tools to become a better law enforcement professional.

Patrol Supervisor in Northern Virginia

I was fortunate to be able to take a vehicle dynamics class with DCM. I have taken quite a few classes with different focuses run by different instructors over the last few years. I have found some of the best instructors while also running into some of the worst. I can attest to DCM being some of the best instructors out there. The vehicle dynamics class was not only very informative, but allowed for the students in the class to put their skills to the test in a controlled environment. The class was structured to move as fast as the students could pick up the information, which allowed for the class to get to some of the more advanced topics without unnecessarily being bogged down on entry level firearms training simply for the sake of sticking to a program. Dutch keeps the floor open for questions throughout the training and has a great AAR once the course is complete. I highly recommend getting in on a class or two with DCM. 

Mark (MIL/LEO, Student)

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