Slings: Why you need them, when to use them, how to set it up

Slings: Why you need them, when to use them, how to set it up

Here at DCM we routinely conduct our own training to sharpen our skills and ensure the Program of Instruction (POI) presented is the most relevant and the leading edge of what is offered in the shooting industry. At the end of every training session we go into deep discussions covering all sorts of topics, today we focused in on the different types of gear we prefer and use for different scenarios and to narrow it down even further, rifle slings and uses.

              Dutch and I both agreed that a 2pt sling is useful for most every situation one would find themselves in when utilizing their weapon and generally how to mount it. 1 and 3 point slings are outdated for the modern fighting carbine (no one wants a rifle dangling between their legs while trying to run). There are plenty of Youtube Heros and articles discussing how to use and setup their rifle, but with very few use/applications demonstrated. Sure anyone can stand there on a flat range and show you the different positions and uses, but during our courses we put them to the test! At our Evolutionary Gunfighter and The Time of the Gunfighter course your weapon and kit setup is not dictated, but you will find out what does and does not work for you.

               There are dozens of brands that meet the basic requirements that you will find most useful for practical scenarios. Basic requirements to me is easy adjustability (easy to use slider), quality stitching, and slick enough material to easily slide across my gear and neck with getting caught.

             Getting in and out of vehicles, negotiating obstacles, stowing the weapon to conduct immediate medical care, or transitioning to your side arm all require a sling in some function and yet there are still people who still buy a lot of the trash on the market. I prefer a VTAC sling, simple to use and solid construction, another worth mentioning is the Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling. 

               Exampled below highlight my preferred method of mounting a sling and style that have allowed me to shoot and move while conducting combat operations overseas, state side training exercises, and during a wide variety of shooting competitions (The Tactical Games, Run & Guns, Battle Rattles, etc).