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With Fall approaching and half the day or more soon to be in darkness you need to be prepared to fight in the dark. Statistically violent crimes occur more often during periods of darkness stateside and overseas so training only in daylight leaves plenty of gaps that need filled. Whether you are in the Military, Law Enforcement, or a responsible citizen you need to be prepared to fight while away and able to defend your home at all hours. Often those who carry a gun for a living train very little during periods of darkness compared to the daytime and...

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Ever since gear has been issued, Soldiers have been finding ways to modify or make it work better for them. Rarely does something work great in every situation, but at least with modern equipment and the flooded market there are companies making high quality, modular gear that can be easily adapted to the mission.                On deployments I spent every mission in a Crye JPC 1.0 with minimal complaints compared to other issued plate carriers at the time. Small enough to fit just the essentials and then use assault packs/3day bags for anything else I wanted to bring in the...

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