Couples Therapy PROPER TACTICAL TRAINING ™ September 1-2 2023 The Sawmill Training Complex, Laurens SC

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Too often only men train to be able to defend themselves in worst case scenarios, but leave the critical gap of what does their spouse do? This course is designed for couples to work cohesively as a team to develop skills to better be able to defend themselves for the wide variety of threats posed in modern society. 2 is 1, 1 is none!


This course focuses primarily on defensive scenarios utilizing concealed carry weapons by both people, along with implementing a semi-auto rifle.


 The Sawmill Training Complex has onsite lodging and camping available, learn more here


What to expect to take away from this course:

- Understanding of what you and your significant other can accomplish together.

- How to work dynamically as a team in high stress scenarios with firearms.

- How each other will react under high stress and ways to mitigate it.

- Increased awareness of potential indicators and threats to your safety.

- Planning considerations for everyday life and extended trips from the home.


How we will accomplish this:

-Coverage of crime statistics, real life experiences, and situational awareness discussions

-Weapon concealed carry/storage techniques

-Shooting from concealment, inside buildings, and from out of YOUR vehicles during in-depth scenarios


What you will need to bring:

-His and Her firearms + 2 spare magazine per weapon (can share rifle if needed)

-400rds Pistol per person

-300rds Rifle Per person 

-Concealment holsters

-Close toe shoes/boots

-Hearing protection

-Eye protection

-Lunch (we will take a break onsite)


Minimum Pre-requisites:

- Basic firearm safe handling

- At Home Dry fire Training: Drawing from concealed, trigger manipulation, target transition (plenty of videos of how to dryfire, inquire if you need more guidance or suggestions prior to the course) Practice ahead of time to get comfortable with your firearms, we will refine the process during the course. 

- Rifle and pistol zeroed  prior, will validate on site.


- Range time: Both of you should fire your weapons prior to this class to ensure you each have a reliable gun that you are comfortable shooting. 

- Quality Holsters: Finding the right holster to conceal can be a challenge, especially for women to not be forced to change their clothing style. (My wife uses a Phlster Enigma or Comfort Concealment belt to hold her Close Quarter Kydex holster comfortably under leggings. There are many options on the market for standard holsters with belts as well, reach out if you need help with holster selection.)


- For rifles, set it up of how you would expect to use it in YOUR most realistic scenario. Minimum requirement is having an adjustable sling installed. Plate carriers, chest rigs, and out the waist band duty belts are allowed if you regularly store or carry it with your rifle. Train as you fight!


Reach out with any questions or for more information


Mission Statement:


DCM Consulting is committed to giving back. Committed to “Proper Tactical Training” ™ to LEOs, Military and select great Americans. After 12 years of combat and 26 years of training with US Army Rangers and the highest level of Special Operations Forces, we live by the mantra “My Sword is your Shield” ™


This mantra comes from the ancient warfare style when Greek Hoplites and Roman soldiers were next to each other in the Phalanx. Each Soldier used the shield that was carried by the man to his left or right. Thus integrating each other into the line. The man to the left or right of you is the most important. We work together and succeed by protecting each other.


So, welcome aboard. We look forward to serving you and helping you become better in your journey with us.



*14hr Block of instruction, 0900-1600 1st and 2nd September, 2023

*Location: The Sawmill Training Complex 524 Neely Ferry Road, Laurens, SC 29360

*Price Per couple