Trusted Agents


DCM Consulting LLC prides itself on working with #trustedagents in both product and services. Over the years we have cultivated relationships with those agents. Companies whom we have worked with, vetted, and believe are experts and true professionals in their respective fields. This is our way of giving the community a trusted guide to products, training, and mentors to partner with. We continue to partner with them and recommend others to utilize products, training, and mentorship that these companies provide. As a company, DCM Consulting LLC will continue to make pave new routes into a global network of trusted agents and actively engage in growing our partnership base.


#trustedagent breakdown:

  1. Training Partnerships 
  2. Product Companies (Dutch's kit recommendations)


Training Companies:


We work closely with and recognize the following companies as trusted agents in the industry. 

  • Helvetia Strategies Group 

"The Exclusive International DCM's Consulting & Training Partner"


  • D-CO Leaders and Training




  • S.O.B. Tactical


  • 1 Minute Out Tactical




  • Crimson Effect


  • Carry Trainer 


  • Tony Blauer


  • Endurance Group 


  • Knockoutlights






Dutch Personal Kit Recommendations:


  • Sig Sauer


  • Crye Precision 


  • Surefire


  • EO Tech


  • Leupold


  • Geissele 

  • L3 


  • Clipdraw


  • Tenicor


  • Viking Tactical


  • Gunfighter Gun Oil

  • Eagles and Angels 


  • Northman Blades


  • NextGen Gunbelts


  • Gunformz