The Time of the Gunfighter Proper Tactical Training ™, NOV 4-5th 2022 Trigger Time, North Carolina

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Dutch's Proper Tactical Training ™, "The Time of the Gunfighter" is for skilled shooters/warriors. It is designed to refine existing skills and push the performance of the shooter with Stress Inoculation.

"Bring lots of hydration, a towel, and your favorite CD"

Course Curriculum

  • Cold Shoot
  • Run and Gun
  • CQB Drills
  • Barricades 
  • Vehicles 
  • Communication (individual and team)
  • Target Transitions
  • Trigger Manipulation
  • Magazine Changes
  • Malfunctions
  • Competition
  • AAR

*700 rounds for Pistol

*700 rounds for Rifle

*Demographics of course participants to include skill level and prior training make the course curriculum subject to change.

*Course Date/Locations Subject to change.

Location: NOV 12-13 2022 Trigger Time, North Carolina