Bullets and Bourbon, 27 May 2023 N.C.

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Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend we are hosting an event to bring the shooting community together for an exciting range day followed by a social event at the range. 



We will be conducting multiple pistol/rifle drills, scenario based training, and competitive style shooting stages throughout the morning/early afternoon to demonstrate the shooters ability to display their performance levels and receive constructive feedback/ challenge themselves to push their current skill level. There will be a wide variety of targets and obstacles to challenge even the most experienced shooters, while still allowing shooters of all skills to push themselves. Courses of fire will vary from 30 seconds to minutes long. This will be a great opportunity to do a "kit shake out" and try out new gear setups/ configurations while on the clock! Bring as much ammo as you like, we recommend at least 200rds pistol and 150rds rifle to run through every stage at least once.


2pm-Until Complete

The afternoon/evening will be a social gathering with food fresh off the grill and a bonfire to gather around to enjoy a nice glass of bourbon and cigars as we pay respects to the U.S. military personnel who have died while serving in the United States Armed Forces.

Come join the DCM Consulting Crew plus many other SOF veterans for a great day of shooting, socializing, and remembrance. 


Price includes food, drinks, and cigars.

Location: To be determined.