DCM Concealed "EDC, All Day/Every Day" AUG 27-28 2022 Trigger Time, North Carolina

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Dutch's "EDC All Day/Everyday" is designed for the intermediate shooter/warrior to develop a situational and tactical understanding when it comes to everyday carry lifestyle. 

Course Curriculum

  • Platform and Kit Breakdown
  • EDC Essentials
  • Weapon Placement
  • IWB (Shirt, Defeating the Garment)
  • OWB (Jacket, Vest) 
  • Magazine Changes
  • Run and Gun
  • Obstacles
  • "Parking Lot" Tactics 
  • Competition 
  • AAR

*500 rounds for Pistol

*500 rounds for Rifle

*Demographics of course participants to include skill level and prior training make the course curriculum subject to change.

*Course Date/Locations Subject to change.

Location: AUG 27-28 2022 Trigger Time, North Carolina