DCM Emergency Hostage Rescue CQB Proper Tactical Training ™ Jacksonville, Arkansas

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Dutch's "Emergency Hostage Rescue CQB " Proper Tactical Training ™ is a 3-day course that starts in the classroom and finishes in a Full Mission Profile hostage rescue hit. We focus on speed, surprise, and violence of action and the "rolling thunder" technique. These techniques are very effective in schools, hotels, office buildings, and hospitals. 

Course Curriculum

  • Kit Set up
  • Introduction to CQB Techniques, Barricaded suspects, Hostage Rescue, Deliberate
  • Flat Range (Up Drills, L/R/180)
  • Secondary Weapon Transition
  • Failure Drills
  • Mag Changes
  • Target Identification
  • Target Transition
  • Room Clearing and Movement (Dry Runs)
  • Command and Control
  • Low Light Operations
  • Force on Force
  • AAR

*1000 rounds for Pistol

*1000 rounds for Rifle

*500 Simunitions

*MIL/LEO only

*Demographics of course participants to include skill level and prior training make the course curriculum subject to change.

*Contact info@dutchchrismoyer.com for all MIL/LEO/CIV training variants, pricing and quotes.