DCM LEO Counter Terrorism Course

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DCM Consulting’s Advanced CQB/CT is a tailor-made course designed for the advanced LEO/MIL shooters/warriors in the training of Close Quarter Battle while sharing superior intel of International Terrorist Organizations that operate within the US borders and are a clear and present danger to local communities within our borders. These threats are not limited to kidnapping, extortion, drug trafficking, human trafficking, organized crime, and assassination of Law Enforcement Officers.

Skeletal Course Curriculum

  1. International Terrorist Briefing as it applies to the Heartland of America.

    1. A comprehensive brief on Terrorist Organizations operating in the US given by top-tier intelligence officer.

    2. The work throughout the week of training will be based on the Intelligence derived from the day 1 Intel brief.

  2. Known Distance Range work in preparation for high-risk mission upon culmination utilizing copious amounts of ammunition and repetition.

  1. Kit Placement, (the why behind the officer’s kit)

  2. Up drills (singular targets graduating to multiple targets, multiple shots). Shooting from the 90° left and right 180°, Shooting on the move) Low light shooting techniques/Laser employment.

  3. Primary Magazine Change and Malfunctions, Transition to Secondary Platform, Secondary Magazine Change, and Malfunctions

1.3) CQB Theory

    1. Comprehensive PPT presentation explaining the “Dynamic, Free Flow CQB” technique. Dry Runs, Dry Runs Team configurations, Team runs using simunitions, Live Runs, Live Runs Team configurations. Stairwells, Intersections, Hallways, Multiple entries. K9 Use, Using Distractions, Gaining momentum, Secondary Clear, Medical Play.

  1. Advanced Assaulting techniques

    1. Vehicular assaults, Bus assault, Hostage Rescue Operations, Active shooter response, crisis site exploitation, surveillance techniques, ongoing operations, and command/control

  1. AAR

a) Comprehensive After-Action Review/lessons learned using the proven executive method of “Trained, Need Practice and Untrained” in order to identify successes and shortcomings. This will enable the trained force to develop in-house training to be better prepared in future operations.

Equipment common to all: body armor, eyes, ears, full mission profile kit, comms medical kit, breaching equipment, Primary and Secondary weapons to include magazines,

*200 rounds for Pistol.

*600 rounds for Rifle.

*400 Simmunition Rounds.