DCM LEO/MIL Only 3 Day Operational Development Course, Proper Tactical Training ™ (Terre Haute, IN, SEP 7-9, 2022)

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This is a comprehensive Proper Tactical Training ™ which makes it a fast-paced, three-day course that will focus on offensive tactics designed for experienced, tactical personnel. Practical, reality-based training will be conducted on the following topics; close quarter combat, firearm usage/ range time, multiple breach points, hostage rescue, barricaded gunman, team movement, vehicle assaults, and more. (Day and night time application on most skill sets).

Course Curriculum

  • Flat Range (Left and Right 180°, Shooting on the move)
  • CQB Theory and Applications
  • Vehicle Assault
  • Hostage Rescue
  • Barricaded Suspects
  • Breaching Methodologies
  • Scenarios (dry and simms)
  • AAR

*500 rounds for Pistol
*500 rounds for Rifle/SMG
*200 Simmunition Rounds

* Equipment common to all:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Sidearm and Rifle of choice
  • Complete Assault Kit Setup 
  • Overt (Platecarrier/Battle Belt)
  • Medical (IFAK/Blow out kit/TQ)
  • Helmet or Headcover/Hat

*Demographics of course participants to include skill level and prior training make the course curriculum subject to change.

*Contact info@dutchchrismoyer.com for all MIL/LEO/CIV training programs, pricing, and quotes. 

Course host and location:

Terre Haute Police Department
Emergency Responder Training Academy, 2465 N. Brown Av. Terre Haute, IN 47807
Course length: 3 days
September 7-9, 2022
Course cost $550.00
LEO/ MIL only