Low Light and Night Shooting NOV 18 2023, Trigger Time, NC

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This is a white light/NVG course that will teach individuals  Propper Tactical Training  during a period of darkness in and outdoors, off barriers, and around obstacles. 


Training will cover:

- Zeroing weapons and lasers

- Noise/ Light discipline

- Movement during periods of limited visibility

- Positively identifying targets/ engaging at different distances

- Scenarios in and outdoors and around obstacles


*minimum 300 rounds for Pistol
*minimum 300 rounds for Rifle/SMG

Equipment common to all:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Sidearm and Rifle of choice 
  • Complete Assault Kit Setup 
  • Plate Carrier/Battle Belt
  • Medical (IFAK/Blow out kit/TQ)
  • Helmet or Headcover/Hat
  • Over the ankle shoot/boots
  • Spare Batteries

Recommended equipment:

  • Pistol with night sights or red dot and white light (able to be activated with support hand)
  • Rifle with mounted white light with pressure switch, 2pt adjustable sling, illuminated optic
  • If using NVGs, IR laser/illuminator
  • Additional ammo 
  • Food/water


Mission Statement:


DCM Consulting is committed to giving back. Committed to “Proper Tactical Training” ™ to LEOs, Military and select great Americans. After 12 years of combat and 26 years of training with US Army Rangers and the highest level of Special Operations Forces, we live by the mantra “My Sword is your Shield” ™


This mantra comes from the ancient warfare style when Greek Hoplites and Roman soldiers were next to each other in the Phalanx. Each Soldier used the shield that was carried by the man to his left or right. Thus integrating each other into the line. The man to the left or right of you is the most important. We work together and succeed by protecting each other.


So, welcome aboard. We look forward to serving you and helping you become better in your journey with us.



Course host and location:

Trigger Time,

Carthage, NC


Course length: 8 hours, 1600-0000
October 22nd, 2022
Course cost $400