MIL/LEO Propper Tactical Training ™ Low Light and Night Time Techniques 22 October 2022 Trigger Time, NC

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DCM's quarterly MIL/LEO training will consist of shooting techniques in areas of low light/low visibility. This is a white light/NVG course (not required) that will teach Soldiers and Law Enforcement Propper Tactical Training  during a period of darkness in and outdoors and around vehicles.   


*minimum 300 rounds for Pistol
*minimum 300 rounds for Rifle/SMG

Equipment common to all:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Sidearm and Rifle of choice 
  • Complete Assault Kit Setup 
  • Plate Carrier/Battle Belt
  • Medical (IFAK/Blow out kit/TQ)
  • Helmet or Headcover/Hat
  • Over the ankle shoot/boots
  • Spare Batteries

Recommended equipment:

  • Pistol with night sights or red dot and white light (able to be activated with support hand)
  • Rifle with mounted white light with pressure switch, 2pt adjustable sling, illuminated optic
  • If using NVGs, IR laser/illuminator
  • Additional ammo 
  • Food/water


Course host and location:

Trigger Time,

Carthage, NC


Course length: 8 hours, 1600-0000
October 22nd, 2022
Course cost $175
LEO/ MIL only