MIL/LEO Proper Tactical Training ™, Development Program (Vehicle Dynamics) 1 Day 9 SEP 2022, Trigger Time, NC

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Dutch's Proper Tactical Training  "LEO Development Program 1" is a skillset development course designed to bring active law enforcement agents to a higher standard of performance in tactics, weapons manipulation, and critical thinking. Here we dive deeper into the platform and the equipment to make officers more aware and effective in stress-filled environments. 

Course Curriculum

  • Platform breakdown
  • Skill Eval
  • Up Drills (Pistol Course will operate weapon from the draw concealed as well as Open carry
  • Mag Changes
  • Malfunctions 
  • Kit Basics (the "why" behind proper equipment selection and placement)
  • Position Shooting
  • Shooting on the Move (Left/Right/Forward)
  • Barricades and Vehicles
  • Target Transitions 
  • Competition
  • AAR

*500 rounds for Pistol (recommended)

*500 rounds for Rifle (recommended)

*Demographics of course participants including skill level and prior training make the course curriculum subject to change.

*Contact for all MIL/LEO/CIV training programs, pricing, and quotes. 

* Equipment common to all:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Sidearm and Rifle of choice
  • Kit Setup (low vis/concealed)
  • Overt (Platecarrier/battle belt)
  • Medical (IFAK/Blow out kit/TQ)

*Location: Trigger Time, North Carolina, 0900-1700

    Mission Statement:


    DCM Consulting is committed to giving back. Committed to “Proper Tactical Training” ™ to LEOs, Military and select great Americans. After 12 years of combat and 26 years of training with US Army Rangers and the highest level of Special Operations Forces, we live by the mantra “My Sword is your Shield” ™


    This mantra comes from the ancient warfare style when Greek Hoplites and Roman soldiers were next to each other in the Phalanx. Each Soldier used the shield that was carried by the man to his left or right. Thus integrating each other into the line. The man to the left or right of you is the most important. We work together and succeed by protecting each other.


    So, welcome aboard. We look forward to serving you and helping you become better in your journey with us.