MIL/LEO Proper Tactical Training ™, Development Program (Vehicle Dynamics) 1 Day 9th of JULY 2022, Trigger Time, NC

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Dutch's Proper Tactical Training  "LEO Development Program 1" is a skillset development course designed to bring active law enforcement agents to a higher standard of performance in tactics, weapons manipulation, and critical thinking. Here we dive deeper into the platform and the equipment to make officers more aware and effective in stress-filled environments. 

Course Curriculum

  • Platform breakdown
  • Skill Eval
  • Up Drills (Pistol Course will operate weapon from the draw concealed as well as Open carry
  • Mag Changes
  • Malfunctions 
  • Kit Basics (the "why" behind proper equipment selection and placement)
  • Position Shooting
  • Shooting on the Move (Left/Right/Forward)
  • Barricades and Vehicles
  • Target Transitions 
  • Competition
  • AAR

*500 rounds for Pistol (recommended)

*500 rounds for Rifle (recommended)

*Demographics of course participants including skill level and prior training make the course curriculum subject to change.

*Contact for all MIL/LEO/CIV training programs, pricing, and quotes. 

* Equipment common to all:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Sidearm and Rifle of choice
  • Kit Setup (low vis/concealed)
  • Overt (Platecarrier/battle belt)
  • Medical (IFAK/Blow out kit/TQ)

*Location: Trigger Time, North Carolina, 0900-1700